Alex van Giersbergen
Alex van Giersbergen makes computer- and electronic- based works that focus on indirect or unusual interaction with the viewers. The works try to make a semi-functional translation of every day experiences and actions. The aim is to break the patterns in peoples behaviour by playfully attracting their attention and have them experience common principles in a new way.
Selection of work
2016: DASH'16 Helsinki, Thermobird, interactive prototype
2016: DASH'16 Helsinki, Strings, interactive installation
2016: DASH'16 Helsinki, Organiser
2011: Graduation Festival 2011, Fenixloodsen Rotterdam, interactive installation
2011: Willem de Kooning Gallery, King Cone, exhibition and performance
2010: Todaysart 2010, Structet 2, audiovisual performance, visual artist
2009: De Player (Com.Post Series), Afrikaandermarkt Bigband, performance, assistant to Paul Granjon.
2007: Deaf07 festival, Promotional Animation on the KPN Building
2011: Department of Public Sound #1, Article on a DIY instrument
2011: Krooning, Publication in Catalog